Source Documents

Country Year Questionnaire Methodology, codebooks, other Harmonization syntax 1
Austria 1992 sps
Bulgaria 2001 do
Canada 2010 pdf do
Finland 1979 do
Hungary 2009 do
Israel 1991 pdf sps
France 1985 pdf pdf1
1998 pdf pdf sps
Netherlands 1975 pdf txt
1980 pdf txt
1985 pdf txt
1990 pdf txt
1995 pdf txt
2000 pdf txt
2005 txt
Spain 2002 household
pdf txt
2009 household
pdf do
UK 1974-75 pdf sps
1983-84 pdf txt
1987 pdf sps
1995 pdf txt
2000-01 adult
2005 pdf sps
2014 pdf Activity file
Person file
Partner variables
Children age variables
United States 1965-66 pdf sps
1975-76 pdf sps
1985 pdf sps
1992-94 sps
1994-95 pdf sps
1998-2001 pdf sps
2003 pdf pdf sps
2004 pdf pdf sps
2005 pdf pdf sps
2006 pdf pdf sps
2007 pdf pdf sps
2008 pdf pdf sps
2009 pdf pdf sps
2010 pdf pdf sps
2011 pdf pdf sps
2012 pdf pdf sps

1. These are the syntax files used by the Centre for Time Use Research at the University of Oxford to harmonize original data files. Users may want to consult the syntax files to see exactly how the original data were converted into MTUS format.

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