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Study title: En Week Tijd
Collector: Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau, in conjunction with Adviesdienst voor Verkeer en Vervoer (Department of the Ministry of Transport); Tilburg University; the news agency Cebuco, and the television agency NOS Field work by Intomart
When conducted: 1-7; 8-14 October 2000
Sampling method and study design: This study employed a two-stage sample design: (1) stratified random sample of 4,200 addresses drawn from 300 regional clusters in the Netherlands; (2) random walk to addresses to obtain a final sample. All persons aged 12+ in sampled households were asked to completed one week diaries. The diaries were divided into 15 minute time slots and had a 250 category pre-coded activity list. The diary included a simple location code. This study seeks comparability with the previous time use surveys in the Netherelands, as well as with the Harmonised European Time Use project (though the former takes precedence). The time use data have now been linked to weather data to allow for examination of how weather patterns influence time use. Experiments were also conducted using a with-whom code, which has not been previously used in the SCP studies. These experiments also tested daily stress level measurements
Sample size: 1,800+ individual participants
Response rate: 25%
Weighting procedures:
Sources of information: Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau (SCP)
Available documentation: Documentation

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