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April 3, 2018

March 1, 2017

    Edited Variables.

    • We corrected values 45-50 in MAIN in the United States 2010 file.

October 13, 2016

    Edited Variables.

    • We corrected COHAB for France 1998. 5361 cases changed from 0 "Not married" to -7 "Not in couple".

October 11, 2016

    Added Variables.

    • HHTYPE has been added for all samples.

    New Data.

    • Austria 1992, France 1985, France 1998, Finland 1979, and Canada 2010 are now available.

    Edited Variables.

    • The format for CLOCKST has been improved so that digits after the decimal appear. Additionally, several values have changed in files from the Netherlands (all years) and from the United Kingdom in 1995 (all values are one minute lower except for the first record in the United Kingdom). In the United Kingdom 1987 file, duplicated values have been fixed so that all CLOCKST values are unique within a diary.
    • START values in United Kingdom 1983 and 1995 were one minute higher than they should have been; they have been corrected with this release. Users should note that this may result in time use variables being different by one minute per respondent.
    • A few values for TIME have been corrected in USA 1975 and for END in United Kingdom 1974.
    • For SAMPLE, United Kingdom values have changed from GB to UK.
    • In Spain 2009, errors have been fixed in 10 or fewer cases in each of AGEKID2, PARNTID1, PARNTID2, RELREFP, and SINGPAR.

    TUV Creation.

    • The system now returns values for the uber category "Travelling" in the location filter of the time use variable creation process. Previously, it would only return time for the travel sub-categories.
    • We have added the ability for users to select "All" categories of secondary activities in the secondary activity filter of the time use variable creation process. Previously, only one type of secondary activity could be selected at a time.

June 1, 2016

    New Data.

    • Released Version 1.0 of MTUS-X