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Country: SOUTH AFRICA 2010
Study title: Time Use in South Africa
Collector: Statistics South Africa (Stats SA)
When conducted: Data collection for the time use survey was conducted in the fourth quarter (October to December) of 2010 by the 233 permanent survey officers employed to do data collection for the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS). In the middle 2 weeks of each month the survey officers collected data for the QLFS. They then utilised the last week of the month throughout the quarter to administer the Time Use Survey questionnaire
Sampling method and study design: The time use survey used a master sample that is used for the all household surveys within Statistics South Africa. The sample for the time use survey was selected in such a way that it was representative of the country's population. This included households from all nine provinces and from four different strata: urban formal, urban informal, rural formal and tribal areas.
Sample size: 38,437 diarists aged 10+
Response rate: 87.5%
Weighting procedures: The sampling weights for the data collected from the sampled households are constructed in such a manner that the responses could be properly expanded to represent the entire civilian population of South Africa. The weights are the result of calculations involving several factors, including original selection probabilities, adjustment for non-response, and benchmarking to known population estimates provided from the Demographic Division of Stats SA.
Sources of information: A Survey of Time Use, 2010 / Statistics South Africa. Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, 2013
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