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COHAB reports whether the respondent is cohabiting or legally married.

Comparability — Index

United Kingdom
United States


COHAB is comparable across all samples.

Comparability — Canada [top]

In 2010, the original marital status variables included some inconsistencies. Some couples coded as cohabiting are living in a common law marriage.

Comparability — France [top]

In 1985, this variable was created by the combination of CIVSTAT (whether the person lives in couple or not) and the marital status from the original individual data, which includes a legally married category.

Comparability — Italy [top]

In 2002, the information for this variable is not directly asked but is constructed based on related variables.

Comparability — United Kingdom [top]

In 1987, only main respondents were asked whether they had a partner, and whether this partner was their legal spouse. Other couples can be identified, but whether they are married or cohabiting cannot be identified.

Comparability — United States [top]

In 1998-2001, the information is available only for 1998-99 FISCT survey.


  • All persons in a couple (married/cohabiting/civil partnership).


  • Austria: 1992, 2008
  • Bulgaria: 2001
  • Canada: 2010, 2015
  • Finland: 2009
  • France: 1985, 2009
  • Hungary: 1999
  • Italy: 2002, 2008
  • Netherlands: 1995
  • South Africa: 2010
  • Spain: 2002
  • United Kingdom: 1983, 1987, 1995, 2000, 2005
  • United States: 1998, 2003-2022