ISRAEL 1991-1992

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Country: Israel 1991-1992
Study title: Time Use in Israel Time Budget Survey 1991/92
Collector: Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel) (Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport; Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ministry of Tourism, the National Insurance Institute and Joint Israel
When conducted: 2-8 October, 9-15 October
Sampling method and study design: Two-stage random sample of 3.3 million permanent residents of Israel aged 14+ taken sample included 1800 dwellings in 85 localities; 176 of these dwellings no longer existed, were occupied by non-residents, new immigrants in Israel <1 year, or were businesses 2 questionnaires, a household questionnaire and individual questionnaire 2 diaries, one completed with an enumerator about activities on the previous day; 1 completed by the respondent on the appointed day people whose activities on the day prior to interview or on the appointed self-completion day were deemed out of scope (military/security, in hospital, on holiday) recorded only a non-specific "out-of-scope" code in their diary 1/2 hour slots 00:30-04:00 and 1/4 hour slots 04:00-00:30. 36% of diarists completed one diary. 41% completed 2 diaries, and smaller numbers completed 3-4 diaries. Respondents recorded activities in their own words, and activities coded centrally.
Sample size: 3,049 personal questionnaires from 3,082 individuals aged 14+ (in 1645 households). The study collected 4786 diaries.
Response rate: 273 households (16.6%) did not participate; of the 3576 individuals who should have completed diaries, 85% completed questionnaires and diaries. 3562 diaries were recall diaries of the previous day, completed with an interviewer; 26% of diaries were self-completed on the day.
Weighting procedures: The weights correct for sampling errors, and balance the distribution of the days of the week. The weight additionally inflates the sample to the size of the Israeli population.
Sources of information: Central Bureau of Statistics. (1995) Time Use in Israel: Time Budget Survey 1991/92 Special Series No. 996, Jerusalem CBS
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