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Country: FRANCE 1998/99
Study title: Time Use Survey
Collector: Institut National de la Statistique et des Estudes Economiques
When conducted: February 1998 - February 1999
Sampling method and study design: The timing of the survey means that it probably failed to capture the early effects of the introduction of the 35 hour working week. Sixteen thousand people aged 15 years and more answered questions and filled in a time use diary broken up into 10 minute blocks. Respondents were asked to write down in the diary all of their activities in the course of day. Comparisons between 1986 and 1999 required some prior work to harmonise the two surveys, since the time blocks used were 5minutes in 1986 and 10 minutes in 1999
Sample size: 15,441 people; 12,000 households
Response rate: 91.1% household response rate; 88.3% individual response rate
Weighting procedures:
Sources of information: Françoise Dumontier and Jean-Louis Pan Ké Shon. (1999) "Thirteen years later: less constrained time more free time" INSEE Premiere. 675:1-5
Available documentation: Link to current Eurostat guidelines and documentation
HETUS survey documentation and table generator (restricted access)
Study documentation and questionnaires

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