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Household has a home computer/internet access at home

Codes and Frequencies

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COMPUTER indicates whether the diarist's household has a home computer and/or internet access at home.

Comparability — Index

United States


COMPUTER is sometimes created based on the answer to a direct question and other times inferred from the time diary.

Comparability — Spain [top]

In 2009, there is no variable indicating whether the diarist's household has a home computer or internet access at home. Therefore, this variable is created using diary information. Specifically, respondents are identified as having a computer if they report computer-use activities (i.e. 721 Programming and data processing, 722 Look for information on-line, 723 E-mail etc, 729 Other or unspecified computing or 733 Computer games) as either primary or secondary activities and they occur at home (i.e. 11 Own home or 12 Second or holiday home).

Comparability — United States [top]

For 1998-2001, the information only is available for the 1998-99 FISCT survey.


  • All activities.


  • Finland: 2009
  • France: 2009
  • Hungary: 2009
  • Italy: 2002, 2008
  • Netherlands: 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000
  • South Africa: 2010
  • Spain: 2002
  • United Kingdom: 1983, 1987, 2000
  • United States: 1998