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Country: UK 1987
Study title: Time Use in British Households and Communities
Collector: Nuffield College at the University of Oxford managed the study with funding from the Economic and Social Research Council. Public Attitude Surveys Limited collected some of the data
When conducted: March-July 1987
Sampling method and study design: The time diary study is an extension of Social Change and Economic Life Initiative Surveys 1986-87 (SCELI). The SCELI survey sampled the 1984 Department of Employment travel to work areas in Scotland and the north and west of England, Aberdeen, Coventry, Kirkcaldy, Northampton, Rochdale, and Swindon, to locate households with a member of employment age (20-60). The SCELI survey collected data from both sampled households and employers. The time-diary extension element of this study carried forward limited information from the main survey, and followed up a sub-sample of the SCELI households. The survey collected extensive monthly and yearly activity participation, domestic division of labour and demographic information from a person aged 20-61, and the spouse/partner of that person where the main sample member was in a couple. The study collected limited information about other household members, but asked all household members aged 14 and older to keep diaries for one week. The household start day varies. Diaries covered the period from 04:00-04:00 in 15 minute intervals. Diarists completed activities on paper in their own words. Diaries enabled people to nominate a main activity, and up to three secondary activities per episodes. Diarists also recorded who else was present, location and mode of transport. Apart from their inclusion in the Multinational Time Use Study, these diaries are not archived elsewhere
Sample size: 1706 people in 912 households completed 11332 diaries
Response rate: 70% of original sample replied
Weighting procedures: Original data were not weighted as this was not a random sample
Sources of information: Jonathan Gershuny. (2000) Changing Times: Work and Leisure in Post-Industrial Society. Oxford: Oxford University Press Original SCELI survey (but not diary data) UK Data Archive, Study Number 1798
Available documentation: Codebook and questionnaire

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