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Sample description
Country: CANADA 2010
Study title: General Social Survey, Time Use
Collector: Statistics Canada Social and Aboriginal Statistics Division
When conducted: 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2010
Sampling method and study design: Like other recent Canadian surveys collected by Statistics Canada, this time diary survey is a part of the General Social Survey, which finds sample members through a random digit dialing sampling method. The wider survey collected a range of details about the household. The time use survey collected one 24-hour diary from one household member aged 15+ through a telephone interview about activities over the previous day (or in some cases activities from two days previously). Interviewers coded activities while participants described their day. In contrast with previous surveys, this diary included secondary as well as main activities, in addition to location and who else was present
Sample size: 15,390 diaries
Response rate: 55.2%
Weighting procedures:
Sources of information: Statistics Canada
Available documentation: Survey summary and highlight

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