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Country: FINLAND 1979
Study title: Ajankäyttötutkimus / Time Budget Study 1979
Collector: Central Statistical Office (Tilastokeskus Statistikcentralen) of Finland
When conducted: September - November 1979
Sampling method and study design: Statistics Finland drew a random national sample of 7355 individuals aged 10-64 from 182 municipalities on the Central Register of the population. Interviewers visited participants, and left behind diaries for participants to self-complete in their own words. The study asked people to complete diaries over two consecutive days, and the first day was randomly selected for an even coverage of days of the week. Diaries began and ended at midnight, and covered 30 minute intervals from 00:00-05:00, and 10 minutes from 05:00-24:00. The diaries covered main activity (where participants had some guidance, but the option to word the activity according to their own choice), secondary activity (from a limited list of activities (radio/records; TV; meals or snacks; read; needlework; housework or child care; others), location/mode of transport (own home, other home, workplace, elsewhere away from home, and travelling by various means). When they were awake, participants also were asked to record the presence of household members (each of whom is identified by sex, age, and relationship to the diarist), as well as other relatives, colleagues and friends. While the original diary was a time slot diary, the original data was released in episode format. The maximum number of episodes (in 1 diary only) is 69.
Sample size: 12,057 time diaries from 6,057 individuals
Response rate: 81% responded with two good diaries; 82.4% returned at least one diary
Weighting procedures: Weights correct for refusual bias and inflate to the size of the national population
Sources of information: Rudolf Andorka, Istvan Harcsa, and Iiris Niemi. (1983) Use of Time in Hungary and in Finland. Helsinki: Tilastokeskus Statistikcentralen, Tutkimuksia Undersokningar Studies No. 101

Iiris Niemi. (1983) Time Use Study in Finland. Central Statistical Office, Finland
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