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Country: Spain 2002-2003
Study title: Encuestra de Empleo del Tiempo 2002-2003
Collector: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (Spanish National Statistical Agency)
When conducted: October 2002 to October 2003
Sampling method and study design: This study has generally followed the HETUS guidelines, with two main exceptions. The diary day begins at 06:00 and ends at 05:59 on the following morning (rather than 4:00 to 4:00). Also, while all household members aged 10+ were asked to keep diaries, participating households were only asked to keep diaries on one day rather than on two days. The diaries allow respondents to record their main and secondary activities in their own words in 10 minute time slots. Location and mode of transport are coded from activity entries. 10 minute time slots also include a who is present column with four tick boxes for alone, with children aged <10, with other household members, with other known persons
Sample size: 46,774 diaries (46,471 quality diaries) from 20603 households
Response rate: 86%
Weighting procedures: The data will be weighted to correct for non-response
Sources of information: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (Spanish National Statistical Agency)
Available documentation: Survey methodology
Household questionnaire
Individual questionnaire
Diary instrument

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