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Country: UK 1983
Study title: ESRC Time Budget Survey 1983/84
Collector: SCPR, University of Bath, University of Sussex
When conducted: Autumn 1983, Winter 1984
Sampling method and study design: Stratified national random sample of addresses, all household members aged 14+ asked to complete a 7 day diary, specifying main activity and secondary activities; prior to diaries commencing, one household member interviewed with extensive household questionnaire
Sample size: Effective sample: 3106 eligible members of contacted households; 2,104 eligible members in households returning at least one diary; 1,601 diarists
Response rate: 78% of households completed the household interview; 61% of people completing the household interview also completed diaries; 70% of other eligible individuals in households where the person who gave the household interview also completed a dairy also completed diaries; 40% of initial sample returned diaries; 51% of eligible members of contacted households returned diaries
Weighting procedures: Women over-responded, and weighting applied to consider sex in proportion to actual population distribution; data also weighted to balance response of demographic groups in relation to whole population distribution and proportions which had responded to 1 day dairy studies (as 1 day studies attract higher response rates than 7 day studies)
Sources of information: J. I Gershuny, S. Jones, and C. Mullings. (August 1985) Evaluation of the 1983/84 ESRC Time Budget Survey. University of Bath internal report
Available documentation: Questionnaire

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