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Country: FRANCE 1985/86
Study title: Etude des Emplois du Temps
Collector: Institut National de la Statistique et des Estudes Economiques
When conducted: September 1985 - September 1986
Sampling method and study design: Over a 24 hour day, people recorded the starting and stopping time of up to 45 primary activities; noting the presence of secondary activities, who else was present, and where the activities took place, a second version of the diary included spaces for 5 minute time slots for the day; household members aged 15+ asked to keep diaries, though only 1 - 2 people in any given household asked to keep diaries; 24,000 people in 16,000 households sampled interviews with household members also sought to collect information on average frequency of irregular activities, adults aged 15+ surveyed
Sample size: 10,373 persons responded to the survey, of whom 5,674 had a partner, for a total of 16,047 individuals
Response rate: Household response rate 64.8%; individual response rate 66.9%
Weighting procedures:
Sources of information: Federal Statistical Office, Federal Republic of Germany. (December 1990) "International Experience With Time Budget Surveys Within the Scope of Official Statistics" Methods, Approaches, Developments, Number 1/90:12

Grimler, G. (1992). "Les rythmes quotidiens en France. Resultats de l'enquete "Emplois du temps" 1985-6". Nos. 34-35 (Paris: INSEE)
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