Basque Country (Spain) 2002-2003

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Country: Basque Country (Spain) 2002-2003
Study title: Encuesta de Presupuestos de Tiempo (Basque Country Time Budget Survey)
Collector: Basque Statistics Office (Eustat)
When conducted: October-December 2002, April-June 2003
Sampling method and study design: The study drew a 3-stage random sample of the Basque Country in Spain, first a proportion of provinces (Eurostat's NUTS3), then a probability sample of households (drawn from a population register). One person aged 18+ in sampled households completed a household questionnaire, and one person aged 10+ was sampled to complete the time diary. The same collected equal numbers of diaries from four groups of days: Mondays-Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Weights rebalance the distribution of the days. Some substitution was made of non-respondents. The diary covers 5 minute time slots, starting at 06:00 and ending at 05:59 on the following day. After the time slot column, the next columns cover first location, then main activity, then secondary activity, then who else was present. Respondents recorded activities in their own words on the day the activities took place. These studies are conducted every 5 years
Sample size: 5,039 respondents aged 10+
Response rate: 64%
Weighting procedures: Weights address selection of households, persons, and balance the distribution of the days of the week
Sources of information: Eustat - Euskal Estatistika Erakundea - Instituto Vasco de Estadistica
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