Sample Characteristics

Multiple respondents

In samples with multiple respodents more than one member of the household completed a time diary.

Multiple days

Respondents completed more than one diary in some samples (see DIARY).

With whom

These questions provide information about the co-presence of other household members and known persons during the activity (see Who Variables). Usually co-presence of spouse, children and other adult is available. However, not all the categories are available in all the samples. Users may also want to consult documentation about the relationship between who variables.

Users should take into account that the With who variables created in MTUS also use information about the main activity carried out. So for some episodes the presence of persons or animals are assumed based on the reported activity.

Secondary activities

Secondary activity reports if another activity is done during the episode. We differentiate between samples that have detailed and limited information on secondary activities. View more information about the availability of specific secondary activities (SEC). The way secondary activities are reported also differs across samples.

Child Diaries

Child diaries indicates that the sample includes people under 18 based on (AGE). Note that making this selection does not limit your data file to include only respondents under age 18. All respondents will be included in your data file.

Light Diaries

Most time diary data in MTUS are full diaries with detailed information about activities performed over a 24-hour period. However, some countries only collect light diaries. A light diary is a diary that collects a limited number of activities and/or demographic household or personal details. A light diary is not necessarily comparable with other full diary surveys conducted in the same country. Light diaries are noted in the variable DIARYTYPE.